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Released 15.2.2021

Recorded at Karkkila, Finland in 2020

This was a peculiar thing to create. Our drive to tell musical stories just the way we want. As much production quality as we could possibly muster. Learning stuff the hard way while we're at it. Having to struggle within ourselves to get to the next level of things.

I mean let's be honest. This thing has been years in the making. I could give you excuses. But it's not worth it. Actually it wouldn't be what it is had it been ready sooner. There would be something missing.

You see, for us it's not whether we get praised by our rock police friends. It's not the super break down analysis of the press or millions of plays in spotify. For us it's about what music feels like. Specifically, if it resonates with your emotions. So if there's one soul that finds comfort, meaning, courage or a sense of purpose in one of our songs. Then we're doing what we're aiming to do.

"To move one soul, to touch one mind..."


  • All music by Korve

  • Featuring Artists:

    • Aino Stick on Stormy Days

    • Vesa Pennanen on all tracks. Props to Vesku for helping us finish what we started together years back...

  • Photography & Composites by Riku Pääkkönen

  • Illustrations by Toni Talstila


1 - Stormy Days

Feat. Aino Stick

LYRICS - Stormy Days

2 - Into the Fire

Lyrics - Into the Fire

3 - Proud

Lyrics - Proud