We Are Korve

Korve was originally formed in 2005 and they spent the first years on their raw and emotional take on Finnish rock and metal. After some lineup changes and changing the language to English around 2011 the band spent the good part of the decade honing their skills and musical vision.

The release of "Another Spark" in 2021 marks the new coming of the band. Their fresh take on rock music while taking bits and pieces from other genres and artists of various nature is based on music being the medium of emotion. Their aim is to capture a moment, a though, a feeling through relatable musical interpretation, lyrics and atmosphere. Their attitude towards fans and listeners is captured in their motto.

"To move one soul, to touch one mind"

TOMI Eskelinen

  • Guitars

  • Production

Jesse Lantinen

  • Vocals

  • Arrangements

  • Lyrics

Pauli Vihanto

  • Drums

  • The Glue

Featuring Artists

Aino Stick

Past Members - Beloved Friends

Vesa Pennanen

  • Bass

Kimmo Heino

  • Guitars

Tero Peippo

  • Bass